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Coverage of the deadly derailment of Amtrak Train 188 in Philadelphia, from the scene to the search for answers:

Amtrak train derails in Philadelphia, tearing cars, killing 5

An Amtrak train headed to New York City derailed and tipped over in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, mangling the front of it, tearing the cars apart and killing at least five people. Scores of passengers were injured, and some climbed out of windows to get away.

NTSB: Derailed train was speeding 106 mph, more than double limit

The Amtrak train that crashed in Philadelphia, killing at least seven people, was hurtling at 106 mph before it ran off the rails along a sharp curve where the speed limit drops to just 50 mph, federal investigators said Wednesday.

New mystery: Was derailed Amtrak train hit by a flying object?

The Amtrak train that derailed along the nation's busiest tracks may have been struck by an object in the moments before it crashed, investigators said Friday, raising new questions about the deadly accident.

Investigators unsure train was hit; Amtrak restores service from Philadelphia

Federal authorities said Monday they're unsure anything struck the windshield of an Amtrak train minutes before a deadly derailment in Philadelphia last week, adding another twist to the investigation the day trains started running to New York again.

Unions urge adding a second crew member to train locomotives

The union for Amtrak's locomotive engineers urged the railroad on Tuesday to put a second crew member at the controls of trains on the busy Northeast Corridor, where a derailment killed eight people and injured more than 200 others.

Engineer had grueling trip before derailment, feds probe possible phone use

Investigators are combing through phone records, locomotive data, radio transmissions and surveillance video to determine if the engineer in last week's deadly Amtrak derailment was using his cellphone while at the controls, federal authorities said Wednesday as union officials offered new details on how the engineer spent the hours before the crash.

What we know right now about the derailment of Amtrak Train 188

Nearly two weeks after a deadly Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia killed 8 people and injured more than 200 others, investigators are still trying to piece together what led the train to enter a sharp curve at more than double the 50 mph speed limit.

Prayers for Eric Garner, man who died in New York police custody

July 24, 2014 | Gospel music mixed with cries of grief at a Brooklyn church overflowing with mourners for the funeral of Eric Garner, who died in police custody after an officer placed him in an apparent chokehold.

Philadelphia mourns 1st female firefighter to die in line of duty

Dec. 13, 2014 | Like lots of kids, Joyce Craig wanted to be a firefighter when she grew up. After motherhood and a stint as a transit driver, she entered the male-dominated ranks of the Philadelphia Fire Department and quickly captivated colleagues with her fearlessness and determination.

Slain Philadelphia police officer 'redefined what valor means'

March 15, 2015 | In his final, courageous moments, Officer Robert Wilson III took on two armed robbers and gave his life to save those around him — an act so noble that Philadelphia's police department will rename its valor medal in his honor, police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

Jul 1 14

Last call for Metro-North bar cars

by admin

ASSOCIATED PRESS, MAY 9, 2014 | Last call came Friday for the bar cars on commuter trains between Manhattan and Connecticut, a final run for rolling taverns where city workers gathered for decades to play dice, find jobs and hold annual Christmas parties with a jazz band.

Feb 23 14

Crisis at Canaan: Life and death inside a federal penitentiary

by admin

A series exposing the deadly working conditions correctional officers face in federal prisons, particularly the United States Penitentiary at Canaan in Pennsylvania, where an inmate ambushed and murdered an officer on Feb. 25, 2013. Soon after the killing, The Citizens’ Voice set out to examine the dangers federal correctional officers face; the staffing, budget cuts and administrative resistance that have increased the risk of violence; and the remedies being implemented to prevent another death.
Read the story | Download PDF | Full series

Mar 10 14

1/435: A Pennsylvania freshman
in the halls of Congress

by admin

Oct. 13, 2013: Sunset at Beaver Stadium
Feb. 13, 2014: A Snowy Drive Down Main Street

Dec 21 11

Abuse scandal at Penn State
and Joe Paterno’s final goodbye

by admin

Mike led The Citizens’ Voice’s coverage of the child-sex abuse scandal involving former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, filing stories for online and print and discussing the case on radio and television. Mike broke several stories while in in State College for two weeks after prosecutors charged Sandusky, including a report on medical treatments for former head coach Joe Paterno that led to the disclosure he had lung cancer.

Full story archive | PDF of selected stories | PDF: Paterno’s death
PDF: Trial coverage | TV/Video
| Reporting for “Here and Now,” WBUR/NPR
Exclusive: Discovering Joe Paterno’s will is sealed from public view

Sep 12 13

Susquehanna River: Record flooding devastates region

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SEPTEMBER 2011 | The Susquehanna River surged to a record crest of 42.66 feet in Wilkes-Barre, inflicting unprecedented stress on the Luzerne County levee system and devastating flooding on communities not guarded by the floodwalls.

Jul 20 11

National attention for ‘striking’ bin Laden front

by admin

Mallary Jean Tenore of featured my May 3 front page in an story on the bold techniques newspaper editors/designers used in covering the killing of Osama bin Laden.

She writes: The Citizens’ Voice’s Tuesday front page combines the use of red, a bold headline and a bin Laden image in a way that differentiated it from many other front pages. It’s one of the few papers that used so much text to illustrate the news.

Read more, including the story of my colleague Tamara Dunn’s exemplary work on deadline to get news of bin Laden’s death into the first-day newspaper, at

Read more about our coverage on Charles Apple’s news design blog:

How some of those striking bin Laden covers were developed

A look at Tuesday’s graphics-heavy bin Laden presentations