Latest work: AP finds NJ Transit had more more accidents, safety fines than any other commuter railroad


The railroad whose rush-hour train slammed into a New Jersey station last month, killing a woman and injuring more than 100 people, has had more accidents and paid more in fines for safety violations than any other commuter railroad in the country over the past five years, federal safety data show.

Trains run by New Jersey Transit, which operates the nation’s second-largest commuter railroad, have been involved in 157 accidents since the start of 2011, three times as many as the largest, the Long Island Rail Road, according to an Associated Press analysis of data from January 2011 through July 2016.

Top Pennsylvania official uses private email against policy

ASSOCIATED PRESS, APRIL 21, 2016 | Pennsylvania’s embattled attorney general has routinely used personal email accounts to conduct official business, transmitting confidential information and the identities of undercover agents, despite an office ban that says doing so risks security.

Recent work

Here’s some of my recent work for The Associated Press —


As the results came in, I put this short video together on Vermont voters for and against home state favorite Bernie Sanders (Wilson Ring shot and did the interviews, I edited and did the voice at the start):

Another video we put together for AP’s Super Tuesday coverage. This one explores why New England voters are backing Donald Trump, who added wins in Vermont and Massachusetts to his Feb. 9 victory in New Hampshire. Wilson Ring and Phil Marcelo provide the interviews. I edited and voiced the start:


Feb. 3, 2016: Reporting on the latest in the Bill Cosby sex assault case:

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Jan. 30, 2016: Hope for answers as release of Amtrak crash evidence nears

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Charismatic Mario Cuomo
Stumps For Abraham Lincoln

The Long-Islander, July 1, 2004 | The passing of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo on Jan. 1, 2014 reminded me of a great interview we had almost a decade ago. Cuomo, then 72, was signing books at an independent shop on Long Island. I expected five minutes in a back room as he got ready – enough to hear about the book and a few career highlights. Cuomo thought of something better and suggested we chat outside, with the assembled audience listening.

Last call for Metro-North bar cars

ASSOCIATED PRESS, MAY 9, 2014 | Last call came Friday for the bar cars on commuter trains between Manhattan and Connecticut, a final run for rolling taverns where city workers gathered for decades to play dice, find jobs and hold annual Christmas parties with a jazz band.